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100 Sets 5052 Aluminum Sheet Metal for LED Lamp Shade in California, USA

100 Sets 5052 Aluminum Sheet Metal for LED Lamp Shade in California, USA

Our 100 Sets of 5052 Aluminum Sheet Metal are perfect for LED lamp shades in California, USA. Lightweight yet sturdy, they offer exceptional heat dissipation and durability, ensuring a long-lasting, stylish lighting solution.

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Product Description:

Introducing our top-quality 100 Sets 5052 Aluminum Sheet Metal, specifically designed for LED lamp shade applications in California, USA. These aluminum sheets are crafted from high-grade 5052 aluminum alloy, renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance, good workability, and medium strength. Each sheet metal is precision-cut to ensure accurate dimensions and a smooth finish, making it suitable for a variety of LED lamp shade designs.

Key Features:

  1. Made of high-grade 5052 aluminum alloy for superior corrosion resistance and strength.
  2. Precision-cut sheets with accurate dimensions and smooth finishes.
  3. Lightweight yet durable, ideal for LED lamp shade applications.
  4. Easy to work with, suitable for both hand and machine fabrication.
  5. Packaged in sets of 100 for convenient bulk purchases.


The 100 Sets 5052 Aluminum Sheet Metal is ideal for use in the production of LED lamp shades in California, USA. Its corrosion-resistant properties ensure long-lasting durability even in harsh environmental conditions. The sheets' smooth finish and accurate dimensions allow for seamless integration into a variety of lamp shade designs. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional fabricator, these aluminum sheets are sure to meet your needs and enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your LED lamp shades.



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