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Brief introduction:

According to different grinding materials, there are diamond paper, synthetic diamond paper, glass sandpaper and so on. Dry sandpaper (wood sandpaper) for polishing wood, bamboo noodles. Use waterproof sandpaper (water sandpaper) to polish the surface of metal or nonmetallic workpieces in water or oil.

Technology introduction: 

Production Process:

1.Dry abrasive paper with synthetic resin as a binder to the silicon carbide abrasive bonded to the latex, and coated with anti-static coating made of high-end products, with anti-clogging, anti-static, good softness, high wear resistance The A variety of fineness to choose from, suitable for grinding metal surface, putty and coating. Dry grinding sandpaper generally use special kraft paper and latex paper, the choice of natural and synthetic resin as a binder, through the advanced high-static sand plant manufacturing process, this product grinding high efficiency, easy to dirt and other characteristics, suitable for dry grinding The Widely used in furniture, decoration and other industries, especially coarse grinding. 

2. Texture is very fine, water sandpaper suitable for grinding some of the more delicate material can also be used for post-processing;

The sand gap between the sandpaper is small and the crushed ends are smaller and are used together with the water to flow out with the water for use with water. If the water is dry sand, the crushing will remain in the sand The gap between the sandpaper so that it can not achieve the original effect, dry sandpaper is not so much trouble, sand gap between the grinding into a larger it in the process due to the larger gap grinding will fall off, so not Need to be used with water.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece.

Lead time: 5-7 working days.

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