Short Run Production RTV Silicone Molding

Product Details

Brief introduction:

Polyurethane castings can be used to fill the gap between prototypes and production.

Secondary processing for the production of 10-50 pieces.

This method is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to copy your prototype host.


Materials that can be cast in rubber molds are two parts of polyurethane, silicone rubber and wax. The use of carbamates is usually due to its many material properties. You can choose the prototyping material to match the hardness of your production material from 10 shore a to 80 shore D.

Production Process:

1.Usually the pattern is a SLA or CNC prototype, but it can be any part.


2.The prototype is suspended in a box or frame.

3.The silicone is poured around the part and is allowed to cure.


4.Once the silcone has cured, cuts are made into the mold to remove the part.

5. The mold is then put back together and urethane material is poured into the mold to creat a urethane casting.

6. Once the urethane have hardened, it is removed and the mold can be used to cast addtiional parts.

Order Quantity: 5-20 piece.

Lead time: 6-10 working days.

Application scenarios: 

Low volume production runs

Marketing samples

Test prototypes


High production rates,  

Low labor cost, 

Little need to finish parts after molding.

Payment terms: T/T, 50% deposit when placing order.

50% balance before shipment.

Shipment: FedEx / DHL/ UPS/ TNT Express is acceptable.

Or shipped by freight forwarder. (Cost-effective)


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