Silicone Rubber Parts Tooling Prototypes

Product Details

Brief introduction:

Urethane can be pigmented to any color for customer request.

The hardness can be made to soft or ragid.

Material: Urethane.  

For some components used for electronic or household appliance, the material should be frame resistant. We can use urethane which is UL94-V0 class.

Production Process:

1.Get a solid drawing file from our client.

2.Make the master pattern, which can be a real product, or made by CNC machining, SLA/SLS 3D printing. 

3.Make the silicone molds based on the master pattern. 

As the silicone mold become aged when 10-25 pieces are copied, we will make some more silicone mold according to the quantity final asked. 

Urethane casting prototyping technology is a cost-effective method for test production or low vulume production. 

4.Pigment urethane into colors.

Silicone and curing agent should stir together to mix well. The appearance of mold silicone is flowing liquid. A component is silicone, B component is curing agent. 

We pigment the urethane into color close to the PANTONE color number or some color samples.

5.Get out of the prototype, and pour in the prepared liquid urethane.

6.Use vacuum machines to get rid of any air, dry the urethane by oven machines.

7.The copy can be fetched out off the silicone mold. 

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece.

Lead time: 5-7 working days.

Application scenarios: 

Conceptual mockups

Concept model, 

Visual models  

Engineering models

Anatomical models  

Oversized displays  

Presentation model

Form-Fit-Function Prototypes and Assemblies

Test Flow Analysis

One-off to low run production parts 

Short run production parts


1.Quick delivery time.


3.High quality

4.Tight tolerance.

Payment terms: 50% deposit when placing order.

50% balance before shipment.

Shipment: FedEx / DHL/ UPS/ TNT Express is acceptable.

Or shipped by freight forwarder. (Cost-effective)


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