Auto Parts Small Batch Production

Product Details

Brief introduction:

RIM (low pressure perfusion molding) Prototyping technology is a fast and efficient and cost-effective manufacturing method. Our company is the leader in RIM molding technology, we use it to manufacture large auto parts, medical equipment and fitness equipment.

Material: ABS, etc.

Production Process:

1.Get a solid drawing file from our client.

2.Making the ABS/Aluminum mold per the solid file.

It combines a two-component polyurethane material into a fast mold at room temperature and low pressure. The product is formed by chemical and physical processes, such as polymerization of materials, crosslinking and curing.

3.Debur and clean the surfaces, primer paint the outside surfaces, spray paint the surface to any color.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece.

Lead time: 5-7 working days.

Application scenarios: 

Conceptual mockups

Concept model, 

Visual models  

Engineering models

Anatomical models  

Oversized displays  

Presentation model

Form-Fit-Function Prototypes and Assemblies

Test Flow Analysis

One-off to low run production parts 

Short run production parts


1.high efficiency, 

2.short production cycle, 

3.The process is simple,

4.Low cost. 

5.Suitable for small batch production.

Payment terms: 50% deposit when placing order.

50% balance before shipment.

Shipment: FedEx / DHL/ UPS/ TNT Express is acceptable.

Or shipped by freight forwarder. (Cost-effective)


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