Brass Models Engineering Precision CNC Machining Services

Product Details

Brief introduction:

Brass has a strong wear resistance. High strength, high hardness, chemical resistance, strong processing performance. We help our customers offer many brass fasteners.

Material: Brass bar material.  

One of our clients from Europe request CuZen39Pb3 material to make precision brass models.

We purchased the brass bar and got the approval from the client.

Production Process:

1.Get a solid drawing file from our client.

2.Running CNC machine programming. 

CNC milling machines automatically cut materials, including metal, using a cutting spindle that can be moved to a different position and depth according to computer instructions.

CNC Lathes Use automated tools to rotate the material. They are usually used for very detailed cutting of symmetrical debris (such as cones and cylinders).

3.Glossy polish surface treatment.

After CNC milling and CNC lathe machining, there are some burrs and rough edges on these brass parts. We remove the burrs and sharp edges by hand work, then sand blast the surfaces to reduce its roughness. Finally, polish surfacesto be glossy.




Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece.

Lead time: 5-7 working days.

Application scenarios: 

1.Conceptual foam mockups

2.Visual models (working or static)

3.Engineering models

4.Anatomical models

5.Short run production parts

6.Oversized displays/props


1.Quick delivery time.

2.Cost-effective for making a real dimension bumper.

3.High quality

4.Tight tolerance.

Payment terms: T/T, 50% deposit when placing order.

50% balance before shipment.

Shipment: FedEx / DHL/ UPS/ TNT Express is acceptable.

Or shipped by freight forwarder. (Cost-effective)


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