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What We Can Help You With?

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Provide CNC processing, CNC machining of small batches of plastic parts, laser rapid prototyping, replication, electroplating, etc.

Toys prototype: cartoon cars, doll sculptures, all kinds of electronic music toys, car toys, children's toys, etc.

Chassis panel: Appearance, structure and function panels of mobile phones, MP3 and MP4; housing boards for household appliances, electronic instruments and communication equipment;

Phones, computers, medical supplies and other chassis panels; all kinds of aluminum alloy manual board.


The lines are clear, rely on advanced equipment and unique process design to make the lines and outlines clear and smooth.

High-precision, high-precision CNC machining center with close tolerance of 0.1mm.

With a short cycle, the company focused on the prototype industry for 16 years, accumulating a large amount of relevant experience and talents, able to meet the requirements of customers efficiently and comprehensively, satisfying the requirements of customers, and completing orders faster.


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