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What Secrecy Precautions Should Be Taken By Prototyping Company?

- Jun 21, 2018 -

Since the documentation for the prototype is an important data in the middle stage of product development, document security measures are a prerequisite for each Shouban Chang to consider. If file leakage is caused, it will not only bring great losses to customers, but also Shouban manufacturers will face huge fines. In order to avoid leakage, the Shouban factory should at least make the following points:

1. Workplace: Closed management, access control and monitoring are provided for each door, and the office area, customer reception area and production area are completely isolated to prevent information leakage. All employees are not allowed to bring equipment with cameras and video equipment into the workshop.

2. File management and control: The customer files are all protected by the security software and cannot be read without authorization. The company cannot access the Internet except the management computer that is required to contact the outside world. The USB interfaces of all computers are removed or shielded. All image files are destroyed after 3 months of storage!

3. Customer visits: In principle, no customer is allowed to enter the workshop. Due to the necessity of reviewing the factory, we can relax restrictions as appropriate, but we must not bring equipment with cameras and video equipment into the workshop. We will notify the management in advance to inspect the sensitive information such as customer-related drawings and hand boards.

4. In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, we can sign the "Confidentiality Agreement" according to the customer's needs.

As a senior prototyping factory with a history of 12years, RMT PRODUCTS CO., LTD has paid great attention to the confidentiality of customer information for a long time. There have never been any occurrences of information leakage in more than ten years, and it is because of this that it has been favored by customers.

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