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Urethane Casting Prototypes For Client From Australia

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Cast urethane is a quick mold process. With rapid set up, easy pouring, and simple mold making, urethane is the easy choice for projects that require a strong product in a minimum amount of time. The mold used for this process is made by pressing the prototype into vulcanized rubber to make an impression that will then be used to mold the cast urethane parts. Urethane products created in this way require very little industrial tooling or finishing, as the cast is an exact replica of the prototype.

The second property of cast urethane is its strength in comparison to its weight. Cast urethane can adhere to many metals, or be used to replace metal in a variety of applications to dampen noise and extend the usable life span of certain products. Bearings, pulley wheels, rollers, and wheels made of this material have been used to replace metal parts with very little difficulty. The urethane products offer long lasting strength and durability with minimal need for lubrication. With cast urethane's resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and impact, it can withstand the rigors of mechanical processes better than most plastics and many metals.

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