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Rubber Or Silicone Soft Mock Up, Made In RMT PRODUCTS CO., LTD.

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Soft rubber products have a wide range of applications, and soft hand plates are generally manufactured using a silicone mold compounding process.


High-speed and high-precision speed is the preferred production process for soft handsheets!

prototype silicone is, PVC plastic mold, cement product mold, low melting point alloy mold, alloy toy craft, toys, electronics, handicrafts, stationery industry, large statues, reproduction of cultural relics, (shoe mold) sole mold manufacturing, printing and positioning, electronic Seismic equipment, such as product development model design.

prototype silicone is a kind of silica gel product mainly used for handsheet moulding. Hand silicone rubber series silicone is a kind of flowing liquid. No matter what color, in fact, the quality is constant. Model, hand-board silicone, hardness suitable for less complicated products.

Hand silicone is a flowing liquid, no matter what color, in fact, the quality is the same, A component is a flowing liquid (ie, silica gel), B component is a curing agent. First copy the product or model well, take a certain amount of colloid, add 2-3% of the curing agent, stir evenly after vacuum processing, and then pour the treated glue into the processed mold frame, 2 -3 hours mold can be cured. Note: The evacuation time should not be too long, otherwise the cross-linking and curing of the silica gel when it is evacuated can not be used.


1. prototype silicone is used on small products or finely-patterned products. To make molds with softer silicones, it is because of the delicate and small products that the contents of the molds are susceptible to damage during demoulding. Therefore, soft silicone must be used to make the molds.

2. If you are making a large product copy or making a large product, you must use a hard silicone to make the mold, so as to maintain the product is not deformed.

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