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Plastic Injection Production Order Of Plastic Toy For Kids.

- Jul 25, 2017 -

A client of us from USA has placed us with a order making steel tool and plastic injection production weeks ago.


When receiving order, we start to view the mold design, modify some drags, fabration the mold.

After testing the mold, first samples were shipped to our clients for final production approval.

We've shipped the plastic products days ago.

Client was happy with our nice job.


So, what's plastic injection moulding?

Injection molding is the fabrication of plastic components using customized design specifications.

For custom injection molding, a mold is fabricated for a specific purpose, like encasing a given car part. The customer also specifies the characteristics of the plastic, including the level of hardness and flexibility, heat and cold tolerance, and color. A mockup will be made with the mold to make sure it works, and then the plastics company can start a production run, limiting the run to the number of components necessary. Usually, custom injection molding gets cheaper with large runs, as the cost for producing the mold and formulating the plastic is the same with one part or one million parts.

Once the custom injection molding is finished, the mold can be put in storage in case there's a future need. It can also be returned to the client in some circumstances, and in others may be destroyed. People can discuss what they want to happen with the mold during the initial consultation with the manufacturer. One advantage to keeping molds on file at the manufacturer with notes about the formulation used is the ability to easily generate new parts for replacements and repairs.

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