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Metal Stamping Die Leads China's Technology-intensive Industry Development

- Aug 20, 2018 -

The technology-intensive metal stamping die is one of the industries with rapid development in the domestic mold production field in recent years. It has gradually emerged as a high-end, large-scale, sophisticated and complex development trend, and has become an important force to promote China as a mold manufacturing power.

At present, the development characteristics of the domestic metal stamping die industry are obvious. Large, precise and complex products have become the mainstream of the industry. The technical content will continue to improve, the manufacturing cycle will be shortened, and the production of stamping parts will continue to be informatized, digitized, refined and speeded. With the development of automation, the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of the industry have significantly improved.

“Domestic stamping dies have already replaced the strength of imported equipment.” Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Model Association, said that the cheap and good Chinese stamping dies are very popular in the international market, and the domestic stamping dies occupy an important position in China’s total import and export of molds. . Stamping dies account for 40.33% and 25.12% of the total import and export of molds, respectively, and have become one of the important exporters in the field of international stamping dies.

Hardware domestic stamping die industry is constantly catching up with the world's advanced level, and constantly narrowing the technological gap with developed countries. Many domestic precision stamping dies have been able to compete with imported products in terms of main performance, and the overall level of the industry has improved significantly, not only to achieve import substitution, but also A considerable number of products are exported to industrialized countries and regions such as the United States and Japan. At present, China's precision stamping dies are actively moving towards the international stage and participating in international competition.

Although there is still a certain gap with developed countries, according to the current development of domestic industry, in the next few years, the domestic stamping die industry will surely catch up, become the backbone of the development of the domestic mold industry, and improve the overall technical level of the industry. Promote the domestic mold industry towards high-end, precision, large-scale, and complex development.

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