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Medical Massager Device Model Making Process.

- Jun 13, 2018 -

prototype model color: According to customer requirements, supply a variety of colors

prototype model material: ABS, transparent PMMA material

prototype model size: According to customer's 3D drawing size

prototype model type: medical instrument prototype model

prototype model features:


1, the lines are clear, relying on advanced equipment and unique process design, precision processing to make the line stripe road and outline more clear and smooth.

2, high efficiency and strong strength. The company has been focusing on the Shouban industry for 9 years, and has accumulated a large amount of relevant experience and talents, able to meet customer requirements efficiently and perfectly, and fulfill orders faster under the precondition of customer requirements.

3, higher precision, using imported foreign advanced equipment, the highest precision tolerance can reach ± 0.1mm.


4, efficient, short processing time.

5, advanced equipment and excellent personnel, processing a wider range of sizes, to create a better medical device Shouban.

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