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Medical Device Hand Board Aged Care Machine Hand Soft Hand Plate

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Medical device hand model is generally very strict on the process and data requirements, the following older

Nursing machine craftsmanship is relatively simple, its shell is ABS material processed by CNC equipment,

The single shell uses a variety of craftsmanship, such as CNC prototype processing, machine sanding, hand sanding, spray painting, laser engraving, and silk screen printing.


The picture shows the supporting rubber prototype for the elderly care machine, and the rubber prototype is made using the silicone abdominal mold process.

Completion of the production of silica gel abdominal mold widely used, is a good choice before the product mold. Silicone peritoneal hand model Lower cost, faster molding speed, and small batch production, a set of silicone molds without affecting data requirements.


The maximum production capacity is 15---20 sets of products, which effectively improves the utilization rate and reduces the production cost even more! Car lamp shade hand model is also the main production method of silicone abdominal mold process!


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