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Mass Production Of Aluminum Die Casting

- Jul 25, 2017 -

A client of us from Europe has placed us with a order making casting tool and aluminum casting production weeks ago.


When receiving order, we start to view the mold design, modify some drags, fabration the mold.

After tesing the mold, first samples were shipped to our clients for final production approval.

We've shipped the aluminum products days ago.

Client was happy with our nice job.


So, what's die casting?

Die casting is a process in which various metals can be cast from molten states into a mold. 

The metal is injected into a specific cavity or mold that has been created.

This is then machined to create two opposing steel dies.

After the cooling process is completed, the casting is then removed from the mold.

It is next burred or buffed to create a product that has been manufactured to exact specifications.

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