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Market Prospects Of The Five Major Metal Stamping Products

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Metal stamping new products to expand the market, mainly to find opportunities to enter the market. And looking for opportunities requires entrepreneurs to have observation, comprehensive analysis and imagination. The book "New Competition" co-authored by Philip and Courtler in the United States has made a detailed study on the successful experience of Japanese companies in international marketing, thus proposing five specific methods for finding opportunities to enter the market. The hardware industry's new listing issues have helped.

1. Understand and learn from competitors. A Japanese company has moved the automatic dishwashers produced by its competitors into its own experimental winter to evaluate the performance of the dishwasher, the number of parts, and the cost structure. Each part is measured to determine its design advantages and to understand the technical capabilities, production equipment and sales systems of competitors. On the basis of understanding and grasping the specific situation of the other party, designing products with better performance will create favorable conditions for entering the market.

Second, look for opportunities that are ready. When choosing the target market to be entered, you should first find those neglected market segments, and after gaining a foothold in these markets, further expand the market.

Third, the implementation of creative dumping. Any product has a technical breakthrough, entering a new market is not the only factor for a new product, and sometimes some products can be partially improved to improve marketing capabilities.

Fourth, create new opportunities. It means not to imitate other people's products, but to develop in the target market through innovative research and innovation, to give consumers new feelings and stimulate new psychological needs.

5. Adapting and changing the hobbies of customers. Hardware products entering the market must not only know what consumers in this market need, but also what they like, and then create customer needs according to market demand, change customer hobbies through advertising, or establish new consumption. Concept.

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