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Making Prototypes For Computer And Accessories.

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Professional team, advanced equipment, first-class technology! prototype proofing, sheet metal proofing, aluminum alloy hand plus

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Model manufacutre production process:

The first step: programming: the programmer analyzes the 3D data and writes the programming language that controls the CNC machining center;

The second step: CNC machining: input the finished program language into the computer control machining center and execute the program command;

The third step: manual processing: sort out the processed products. The main completed contents include: proofreading data, clear flash, bonding, polishing, etc.;


Step 4: Surface treatment: Finish the various surface effects in the renderings. Commonly used are spray painting, screen printing, electroplating, special laser engraving, anodizing, drawing, etc.

Step 5: Assembling: After processing, it is the data detection of the assembly problem. It needs to be tested and assembled before surface treatment.


Step 6: Packing: The final product will be put into storage after the QC department has passed the inspection. At this point, the production of the handboard model is basically completed.

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