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How To Use Prototypes For Each Industry.

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Today, the design concept of the industrial designer of the handle plate model is presented in front of everyone with a physical expression. He can allow the designer to observe the products he designs more intuitively, and allows the designer's creative inspiration to innovate continuously. Regardless of the production process

The technical level of the board equipment is high, but it still requires a more elaborate manual handling.

The use of software can make the products designed by designers more realistic and appear in front of everyone. The production of the hand board is not to simulate. It is to turn design into reality. No matter what kind of problems the product has, it can be improved through the hand model.

The product will not have any problems before the mold is opened, which can effectively reduce the risk of the product in the process of development.

For the production of new products, hand-board models are often used. The functions of the hand-sheets are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. The products designed by the designers can be displayed in front of the designers in a very intuitive manner. This will help the designers find the product problems more quickly and allow the designers to better develop their innovative capabilities.

2. When the product being designed has problems with the structure and the surface of the product, the hand model can be used to quickly find problems and find relatively complete solutions, so that the structure and function of the product can be further improved.

3, Guangdong model manufacturers can be used as a reference for product opening mold production, so that the mold produced is more accurate, the speed is faster, the product development time will be greatly shortened, allowing the latest R & D products to quickly enter the market and seize the development The opportunity.

4. At the time of exhibitions and trade fairs, we can use hand model to display, which can reduce the lower cost of product development.


Our company's hand board manufacturers can make products more perfect, and the cost of the products can also be effectively controlled. This is very important for the whole process of production and marketing!

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