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How To Choose Prototype Vendor?

- Jun 08, 2018 -

The prototype can be displayed as a sample, and it can also be used to verify the rationality of the design and reduce the risk of direct model opening. Therefore, most companies will choose to be a prototype in the process of developing new products. What should suppliers pay attention to when picking out Shenzhen prototype Factory?

Price: You can compare multiple quotes to find out what you want to do. What is the price of the hand? It is not necessarily the best and cheaper. It is more about the reputation of the manufacturer and the word of mouth, so that it doesn’t matter if the difference or delay is more important. PR. progress.


Accuracy: There are hundreds of handcrafters in Dongguan, compared to the finest and industry-leading positions, which must be well equipped, with the most stringent precision requirements of their opponents. This kind of hand is usually the strongest hand in the area.

Quality Delivery: A more complete hand-made platemaking plant for processing equipment and technicians, only the ability to ensure the timely processing of the prototype, there are many small workshops, one or two people, one or two machines, more than a little more hands will not come . p, and take what guarantees the delivery of time. If urgency, the quality of work is not in place, it is obvious.

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Service Attitude: Telephone communication, text is often difficult to see, but speech is easy to feel what kind of person is someone else, and like the same thing, you can imagine how the entire factory treats customers.

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