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Gamepad Models Made By CNC Machining Technology.

- Jun 21, 2018 -

A game pad is a component of a common electronic game machine, and controls the virtual character of the game by manipulating its buttons and the like. Gamepads will be modeled beforehand in mass production to verify if the product is defective. 

The model can intuitively reflect the designer's conception. If there is any interference or other deficiencies, it can be improved on the basis of the original drawings to achieve the purpose of mass production. 

Gamepad (2).png

The production of the structuralmodel is mainly used for the cooperation between product internal assembly structures, material strength analysis, performance testing, cost assessment, new product investment, etc., thereby greatly reducing the risk of direct mold opening.

Gamepad (3).png

The  model is the process of programming, CNC machining, whiteboard assembly, grinding, fuel injection, and silk screen printing, and finally turns the designer's ideas into real objects. Below is a picture of a set of gamepad handboard models. Please review


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