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Electric Juicer Models, CNC Machining, EDM

- Jun 21, 2018 -

With the increasing emphasis on health, in order to clean and health, many families have chosen to make their own soy milk, thus pulling the home microcomputer automatic soymilk market. Soymilk makers will first produce a prototype model before mass production to verify whether the product is defective. The Shouban model can intuitively reflect the designer's conception. 


If there is any interference or other deficiencies, it can be improved on the basis of the original drawings to achieve the purpose of mass production. The production of the structural hand model is mainly used for the cooperation between product internal assembly structures, material strength analysis, performance testing, cost assessment, new product investment, etc., thereby greatly reducing the risk of direct mold opening. 


The hands-on model is programmed, CNC machined, white board assembly, grinding, fuel injection screen printing and other processes to turn the designer's ideas into real objects. The following is a picture of a Soymilk hand model, please enjoy it.

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