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Design Essentials For Metal Stamping Machinery Parts

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Design essentials for metal stamping machinery parts


Metal stamping standardization refers to all the activities of the main content of the development of standards and implementation standards. Standardized research fields are very broad. In terms of industrial product standardization, it refers to the development and implementation of standards for product variety, specifications, quality, inspection or safety, and hygiene requirements. Product standardization itself includes three aspects:


(1) Serialization of product specifications: The main parameters, types, sizes, basic structures, etc. of the same type of products are sequentially classified into series products, which meet the wide needs of users with fewer varieties and specifications;


(2) Generalization of parts and components - parts that are similar in structure of use in the same type or different types of products (such as bolts, bearing blocks, couplings, reducers, etc.) are unified to achieve universal interchange;


(3) Quality standardization of metal stamping products——Product quality is the “lifeline” of all enterprises. To ensure the quality and stability of products, it is necessary to standardize the design, processing technology, assembly inspection, and even packaging, storage and transportation. In this way, we can stand in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. Standardization of products is of great significance: specializing in the production of large-scale production can be carried out in manufacturing, which can not only improve product quality but also reduce costs; in design, it can reduce the design workload.

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