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Create Prototypes For Medical Products, Equipment.

- Jun 05, 2018 -


1. Transportation: Automobile and motorcycle parts, automobile dashboards, lampshades, and other parts;

2, home appliances categories: air conditioning, LCD TVs, digital cameras, electric heaters, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and various types of small appliances;

3, metal: aluminum alloy hand board and parts batch processing;

4, medical equipment: X-ray machine, hemodiameter, monitor, foot health box;

5, tool packaging: lighting, engineering volume Shouban;

6, electronic communications: monitors, telephones, mobile phones, large-scale communications exchanges:

7, batch production: rapid vacuum bulk copy.

8. All kinds of toys: various kinds of toy exterior design, internal tooth box structure design, plaster doll carving, all kinds of toy car appearance, structure and scaling, professional rapid vacuum mold, professional transparent hand molding blister Wait.

Materials can be used: ABS, POM, PC, Bakelite, PMMA, PP, PPS (plastic king), aluminum alloy, copper, magnesium alloy, gypsum; (surface treatment, screen printing, laser, electroplating Vacuum membrane.


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