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Complete Car Model Production, A Proof Of The Strength Of Prototype Vendor.

- Jun 11, 2018 -

The car hand model is the general name for the car hand model, and it has as many spare parts as it has: an auto hand model and a car wheel.


Hand model, car bumper hand model, car dashboard hand model, car steering wheel hand model, car child seat prototype model, car lights prototype model and so on. The hand-scraping technology used by the company is also the full housekeeping skill of the company.

CNC prototype processing, silica gel abdominal mold plate technology, low pressure infusion plate technology, injection molding process, and more! Car complete hand model Production is also proof of the strength of a prototype enterprise!

car 2.png

At the same time: We are also producing auto parts: wheels, lights have 12 years of age, and have reached a certain level of technology

Cooperated with Shanghai Volkswagen, the largest domestic wheel manufacturer in China, CITIC Dicar, and several Taiwanese car lamp factories for many years, and has become their designated supplier.

For any prototype of auto, please find us RMT PRODUCTS CO., LTD for help.

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