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Accurate Prototype For Aluminum Iphone Case By CNC Machining.

- Jun 05, 2018 -

With the development and growth of mobile phone companies, the production of mobile phone's hand model has become more and more scale. So how much do we know about hand-board proofing of mobile phone cases? What are the processes in the manufacturing process of mobile phone shell aluminum alloy?

Handprint proofing of the mobile phone shell needs to design 3D drawings, because the handboard is based on 3D drawings, the size of the drawings and the process description are good, the backboard factory will be better after the processing, when the test, the accuracy and quality will also have Good guarantee.

Iphone Mobile Shell Swatch Proofing

brusing and anodizing.jpg

Since the popularity of aluminum alloy mobile phones, many mobile phone manufacturers have begun to make metal-covered mobile phones. A mobile phone metal shell Shouban proofing needs to go through a lot of processes, today Xiaofu Shouban factory Xiaobian take everyone to understand the processing technology of the mobile phone shell, know how the mobile phone shell is manufactured.

1) Cut and press aluminum

2) Precision milling of aluminum plates into fixed dimensions

3) Rough milling cavity

4) Finishing the shell/cavity

5) Polishing

6) Sandblasting

7) After 2 anodizing

8) High light

9) Spray paint

Take the recently more mobile phone OPPOR11, the shell is a full metal mobile phone, each metal body in the production line more than 1 hour. Let's take a closer look at what processes it takes to go from an aluminum piece to the final tens of grams of finished shell.

Three OPPO Mobile Shell Swatch Proofing

The aluminum alloy is relatively stable. In order not to be discolored by external factors, the aluminum alloy must be anodized so that the aluminum color becomes a desired color by anodization. Spray paint for aluminum alloy is also not very good control, poor control will appear color, scar, increase the probability of occurrence of defective products.

In the past, the plastic mobile phone shells were hand proofed through silicon molds to achieve mass production, the production cost was relatively low, and the production efficiency was high. Nowadays, metal mobile phone casings are completely processed by CNC one by one, and the production cost is much higher, because the aluminum alloy pad model cannot be produced using silicone molds.

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