Batch Process Industrual Bridge Tooling

Product Details

Brief introduction:

Aluminum is lighter than steel and is allowed to be machined on smaller equipment. When a short time part is needed, the aluminum mold is cost effective, usually below 100,000, but up to 1 million, depending on the material.

Material: Aluminum

Production Process:

1.Receiving a solid drawing of product from our client.

2.Design the mold, including mold core, mold base, etc.

Rapid machining (RT, rapid machining) is its specific shape, with a certain shape, size and surface accuracy of the tool products. It is mainly used for mass production, although the mold production and manufacturing costs are relatively high, but because of mass production, so the cost of each product are greatly reduced.

3.Proceed CNC milling, and other precision fabrication of mold.

Typically, the mold has two parts: the upper mold and the lower mold. The steel plate is placed between the upper mold and the lower mold, and the material is formed under the action of a punching machine. When the press is opened, the workpiece defined by the mold shape or the corresponding waste is removed. Small to electronic connectors, large to the car dashboard of the workpiece can be used to mold. The progressive die is a set of molds that automatically move the workpiece from one station to another and obtain the finished product at the last station.

4.Test the mold and send the first sample to our client for final confirmation.

5.Batch production by injection molding or die casting.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece.

Lead time: 5-7 working days.

Application scenarios: 

Industrial products, 

Medical device,

Home appliance.

Consumer electronics.


1.High production rates, 

2.Repeatable high tolerances,

3.Use a wide range of materials,

4.Low labor cost,

5.Minimal scrap losses, 

6.Little need to finish parts after molding.

Payment terms: T/T, 50% deposit when placing order.

50% balance before shipment.

Shipment: FedEx / DHL/ UPS/ TNT Express is acceptable.

Or shipped by freight forwarder. (Cost-effective)


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