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UV coating, UV surface treatment for prototypes.

- Jun 21, 2018 -

The surface of  model is protected by a UV-treated hand board, and the UV paint is a UV-curable paint, also called a light-initiated paint. The treatment of UV high light will protect the surface of the hand model, and the surface will be coated with a smooth and transparent effect. Spray a transparent oil on the surface of the hand sample and let it dry with ultraviolet light. The product is brighter and not easily scratched.

The advantages and disadvantages of the hand model over UV:

High glossy black.JPG

(1) High hardness. The highest hardness up to 5 ~ 6H;

(2) Fast curing speed, high production efficiency, and curing by ultraviolet rays in 30 minutes;

(3) The coating has excellent properties, and the coating has very high performance indexes in terms of hardness, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt fog resistance, and resistance to solvents such as gasoline; in particular, the paint film is full and the gloss is particularly prominent;

UV coating.jpg

(4) The UV-curing process used in the light-curing process is non-pollution when it is applied to the paint. It is a recognized green product;

(5) UV coatings are sensitive to dust and require strict construction environment. The

(6) It does not prevent the sun, it is easy to crack under the sunlight. The

(7) Yellowing occurs after a long period of time. Therefore, when the product appearance requires pure white, UV coating is generally not used. The

(8) The price is relatively expensive, and the requirement for coating pretreatment is very high.

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