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The technology of spray painting for prototypes, model making

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Spray painting is usually taught in three steps.

<1> First pass primer: Fills the sand marks and micropores of the bottom layer of the workpiece, increases the adhesion of the lower coating, and also has a defect indication effect.

<2>Coat Primer: A very important part of the coating, to prepare a complete and smooth working surface for the top coat, to complete the last process of all primer work, to increase the adhesion of the intervening layer and to have a certain isolation effect. To ensure the quality of topcoat stability.

<3> Topcoat: Topcoat is divided into single-layer paint and multi-layer paint. It is a color-defining layer and a decorative protective layer. We call it a plain paint by a single-layer paint, also called ordinary paint, and can be completed in one layer. The multi-layer paint is divided into silver powder series paint and pearl series paint, which is divided into double-layer and multi-layer construction processes. The silver powder paint is made of special aluminum material and has high protection, outdoor stability and strong The observability, pearl series paint is made of high-tech materials such as mica flakes and shells. It is an advanced paint with rich colors and decorative features. The paint quality of the topcoat part is very demanding. To achieve cleanliness, plumpness, lightness, no hanging, no hung, uniform luster, no leakage of spray, no guns, good leveling, no bottoming, no floating, no color cast. Doing everything in one way is not an easy task at one go. It requires a great deal of experience and troubleshooting ability.


Sheet metal paint finish: As the name implies, it is the last process of the finish. After the paint is dried and treated, it will not be completely perfect. It will only be remedied later. Paints that are satisfactorily painted are not perfect. For example, the paint on BMW's "BMW" will have a slight fine scaly phenomenon. We call it orange peel, which is the drying of the paint film during the leveling process. The natural phenomenon produced by jet lag, of course, is difficult for the average person to notice. Experts must be used to appreciate the level of appreciation. Therefore, in order to deceive the experts' eyes, only the lacquer surface treatment is performed. We call it "mirror treatment." First use the 1500-2000 purpose cosmetic sandpaper for leveling and grind (<2500 mesh if necessary), then grind it with coarse wax composed of pumice stone or clay components, remove the sandpaper marks, and grind with the fine-cut wax. Non-silicon-free, remove the traces of rough wax, and then use a reducing agent to achieve a perfect gloss, then use a mirror finish to completely remove the halo and smear, then paint to achieve the deepest luster, the last step is to seal the glaze, In this way, it is possible to achieve an expert-quality finish.


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