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The skills of CNC machining prototyping.

- Jun 21, 2018 -

Usually, products that have just been researched and developed or designed need to be modeled as a prototype. The prototype model is the first step in verifying the feasibility of the product. It is the most direct and effective way to identify the defects, defects, and defects of the design product, so as to target the defects. The improvement cannot be found until the shortage is found in the individual hand-plates. At this point, it is usually necessary to conduct a small amount of trial production and then find out that there is insufficient improvement in the batch. The products that are designed and completed cannot generally be perfect or even unusable. If there are defects in the direct production, all of them will be scrapped, which will waste human and material resources and time. The general situation of the hand board is a small number of samples, the production cycle is short, and the manpower and material loss is small. Quickly find out the insufficiency of product design and improve it, and provide sufficient basis for the product's setting and mass production.

Then what are the skills of CNC machining hand model?

1. Complete most or all of the operations in one process and reduce the number of workpieces.


2. When processing, it should be positioned as far as possible on the basis of the drawings.


3, in the processing as far as possible according to the part material and size, choose the most appropriate tool processing, in order to reduce the processing time.


4. In order to reduce the wear of the tool during machining, the load of each axis of the machine tool and the machining of a good surface finish, the milling process is used as far as possible.


5, in the processing should be as much as possible to reduce the program's empty running processing route to reduce the machine tool wear and processing time.


6, the use of adjustable fixtures or simple fixtures when processing single parts or small batches of parts.


7. Special fixtures, tools, and inspection tools must be used when machining large quantities of parts, and the fixtures should be convenient, reliable, and have a large number of rapid clamping and positioning.


8. The same processing standard shall be adopted when machining between processes and processes.

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