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The advantage of CNC machining prototyping solution

- Jun 04, 2018 -

The first is the technological characteristics of the CNC machining center. Its characteristics are as follows: Milling, drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, and other multi-step machining operations are performed in a single clamping as much as possible; large cutting quantities are used.


Cnc Shouban processing using materials: ABS: transparent ultra-high temperature, black, imported, domestic and so on. POM (Saigang), PMMA (Acrylic), MC (Nylon), PC, PP, PA, BT, PVC, etc. Aluminum alloy, copper and so on.


After the workpiece is clamped one time, the digital control system can control the machine tool to automatically select and change the tool according to different processes, and automatically change the spindle speed, feed amount, tool trajectory and other auxiliary functions of the tool spindle, and complete several workpieces in turn. On multi-process processing, the entire process is automatically controlled by the program, without the operator's human factors.


Molding features: Large size, high strength, good toughness, high speed, and low cost


Generally, the workpiece is processed on both upper and lower sides. In special cases, the workpiece is processed on three, four, five, or six sides. During the processing, we will keep the glue around the basket (workpiece), fix the product (workpiece) with the side basket, and position the product (workpiece) with the plaster, the product (workpiece) and the CNC during processing. The worktable surface will not have adhesive effect, and better guarantee that the processed product (workpiece) will not be deformed and the material level of the product (workpiece) is accurate.


The second is the problem to be noted when determining the process plan:


(1) Determine the processing content of the CNC machining center, determine the installation base surface, the machining base surface, and the machining allowance of the workpiece, and arrange the processing procedures for the purpose of making full use of the efficiency of the CNC machining center.


(2) For complex parts, due to thermal deformation in the machining process, internal stress generated after quenching, and deformation after the part is pressed, etc., it is difficult to complete the entire process after one clamping. It can be considered twice or more times.


(3) Arrangement of processing procedures should be based on the principle of gradual refinement. First, arrange heavy cutting and rough machining, remove the machining allowance on the blank, and then arrange the content with low processing precision.


(4) The use of large flow cooling methods, in order to reduce the impact of a large amount of heat generated during processing on the processing accuracy, in order to improve the tool durability, the need to actively adopt a large flow of cooling.

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