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Precision stamping technology to make metal parts.

- Aug 13, 2018 -

In the structural parts of various types of electromechanical and home appliances, a large number of plate-shaped parts with various metal materials and complicated shapes with thickness t>0.5 to 16 mm are used. Due to its high dimensional and dimensional accuracy requirements, it is required to be smooth and straight in the direction of the material thickness. The conventional traditional processing method is to press the blank, and the cutting process by car, milling, planing, grinding, etc. meets the technical requirements, not only the process flow is long, the process is many, the labor (work) is used, the production efficiency is low, and The parts are not interchangeable, labor intensive, high in cost, and unable to meet the needs of mass production.

Practice has proved that in the mass production of medium and heavy plates with material thickness t>3mm and thick parts with t>4.75mm thick plate, the application of fine punching technology instead of cutting processing can not only achieve good economic benefits, but also eliminate the current In the ordinary stamping production, there is a personal injury accident that occurs when the hand is broken, which reduces the pollution of the stamping noise to the environment and obtains satisfactory occupational safety and environmental benefits. The use of precision punching and high technology in the field of modern stamping also fully reflects the scientific development concept of “people-oriented, sustainable development”.

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