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More introduction of Electroplating.

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Plating process:

Electroplating refers to a method of surface processing in which a cation containing a metal to be plated is deposited on the surface of a base metal by electrolysis in a salt solution containing a metal to be plated, and the base metal to be plated is used as a cathode. . The coating performance is different from that of the base metal and has new features. According to the function of the coating, it can be divided into protective coating, decorative coating and other functional coatings.

Electroplating process: generally includes pre-plating pretreatment, electroplating and post-plating treatment.

Requirements for plating:


1. There should be a good bonding force between the plating and the base metal, plating and plating.

2. Plating should be fine, smooth, and uniform in thickness.

3. The coating should have a defined thickness and as few voids as possible.

4. Plating shall have specified specifications such as brightness, hardness, conductivity, etc.

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