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Model making by Vacuum casting, Urethane casting, Silicone molding

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Under normal circumstances, the number of customers required to do a hand board will not be a lot, usually a few or so. Occasionally, however, there will be hundreds or even hundreds of hand boards that need to be done. If cnc processing or 3D printing is used, the cost is very high. In this case, if you are not very strict with the accuracy of the opponent board, using vacuum complex mode is the best way.

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    Here to say why the number of dozens or more complex models is the most cost-effective? There are several reasons for this. The quantity of the first batch is very small compared to the open model. It is usually several sets, dozens of sets, and up to several hundred sets. More than that, it can't be done, but it's a matter of cost! For example, a set of hands, if the price is 1,000 yuan, then the bulk copy price can generally be controlled below 500 yuan, if you can do a few dozen sets, you can control below 200 yuan.


    There is a second reason that the life of the silicone mold, the general life of the imported material is about 100 times. Domestic materials have a lower life expectancy, which is generally dozens of times. If you want to do more, you will need to open more silicone molds!


Vacuum casting 21.jpg

    Thirdly, the time for the model-making of the Shouban model factory is relatively high when it comes to the first set of plastic hand boards, but if the quantity is too large, for example, when there are hundreds of thousands, this time is relatively long. , not a few days or more than ten days can be completed.


    Hand model mold complex process:

Vacuum casting 19.jpg


    First use cnc processing or sla to make a prototype, then use the prototype to make a silicone mold, and use the mold to vacuum (PU, transparent PU, Saigang, ABS) and other materials to infuse the same copy of the product prototype, according to The customer's desired face is copied together and removed from the silicone mold after cooling.

Vacuum casting 20.jpg

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