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Mock up, new design resouces

- Mar 23, 2018 -

In manufacturing and design, mockup is a design or equipment model used for teaching, display, design evaluation, promotion or other purposes. It can be a scale model or a large model in kind. If the mockup already has a part of the system's functionality and can test its design, it is called a prototype . Designers use mockups to collect user feedback and feedback. Mockup represents a popular engineering concept.

Here we RMT PRODUCTS can create all kinds of mock up you wanted.

We  provide One-stop solutions over your Product Design /  Rapid Prototyping  / Injection Tooling, with 10 years more experience. 

We  have advanced facility, strict quality control policy, very responsible project managers and high skilled stuffs.


We  have offered prototyping services to clients home and abroad, enjoying great  reputation of  high  quality,  competitive  price  and  on-time  delivery.

We  are confident that we will satisfy you very much if you give us a  chance.


Expect  to hear from you  soon.

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