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Metal stamping - safe production

- Aug 13, 2018 -

In the case of producing dozens or hundreds of stamping parts per minute, the processes of feeding, stamping, discharging, discharging waste, etc. are completed in a short time, and personal, equipment and quality accidents often occur. Therefore, safe production in stamping is a very important issue. The safety measures for stamping are: 1 to achieve mechanization, automatic feeding and discharging. 2 Set mechanical protection to prevent injury. Use mold guards, automatic stripping devices and hand tools to feed and discharge. 3 Set electrical protection and power-off devices. Set photoelectric or air curtain protection switch, two-hand or multi-hand series start switch, anti-misoperation device, etc. 4 Improve the clutch and brake structure, the crankshaft, connecting rod and punch of the press can be stopped immediately after the danger signal is issued.

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