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Metal Stamping - Industry Classification

- Aug 13, 2018 -

According to the transmission structure:

Manual punching machine: manual, low work efficiency, low pressure, suitable for small holes, paper leather and other manual processing.

Mechanical punching: mechanical transmission, high speed, large tonnage, common.

Hydraulic press: hydraulic drive, the speed is slower than the mechanical, the tonnage is large, the price is cheaper than the machinery, it is very common.

Pneumatic punch: pneumatic drive, comparable to hydraulic, but not as stable as hydraulic, usually less common.

High-speed mechanical punching: It is mainly used for continuous die cutting of electronic products, such as motor setting, rotor piece, etc., numerical control, high speed, can reach about 100 times of ordinary mechanical punching. common.

There is also a CNC punching machine, which is relatively special, and is mainly suitable for processing parts with a large number of holes and dense distribution.

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