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How to repair the defective prototypes?

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Remedies for defect prototype model:

    We should try to avoid mistakes in the processing of the prototype model. However, in our custom processing industry, it is impossible to make absolutely no mistakes. How can we remedy this after mistakes? Remedial materials are generally available in over-cut or miscut areas. The most commonly used remedial materials in the prototype industry are putty or 502 glue mixes.

    Putty is a jelly-like viscous material that needs to be combined with a driers to solidify. Imported atomic ash prices are more expensive, such as: Germany's Bentex-autodody-filler, the price is more than 100 / 250 grams; domestic ash prices are cheaper, the price is more than 50 / 850 grams.

    502 glue mixed with rice dumpling powder: take the appropriate amount of rice dumpling flour into 502 glue into a thin paste can be. Put the adjusted material into the over-cut place and wait until it is dry before making up for it.

    The remediation premise is that the workpiece is non-transparent and the transparent workpiece is not allowed to have adhesive marks. Generally, plastic parts are remedied. Non-transparent parts are ABS, POM, and PA. Transparent parts: PMMA, PC.

    In particular, PMMA is also known as plexiglass. Because of its special properties, it is brittle and brittle, and it has no adhesive marks. Therefore, special attention must be paid during processing. Once the knife is cut too quickly, the entire material may break. Therefore, the entire Scratchboard is scrapped, so the prototype of the PMMA prototype is also more expensive than other prototype.

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