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How to polish the surface of models?

- Jun 21, 2018 -

In fact, the grinding of the opponent board is a necessary procedure in the production process of the board product. After a CNC machine tool is processed on a CNC machine tool, the surface of the board will produce a lot of burrs and knife marks. Simply relying on these machines cannot be prevented. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with these problems manually. In general, Metropolis chooses sandpaper for polishing or polishing with a polishing paste.

The method of polishing:

(1) Mechanical sanding: For large-area construction, mechanical grinding methods such as electric grinder disc type and vibration type can be used in order to increase work efficiency. 

(2) Dry sanding: Sanding is used for sanding. The disadvantage of applying to the grinding of hard and brittle lacquer is that it will produce a lot of dust during the operation, which will affect the environmental sanitation. 


(3) Wet Grinding: Grind with water sandpaper or soapy water. The water mill can reduce wear marks, improve the smoothness of the coating, and save sandpaper and labor. However, after the water mill should pay attention to spraying the lower layer paint, one must wait until the water mill layer is completely dry before painting the lower layer, otherwise the paint layer is easy to whiten. Another highly absorbent substrate should not be water milled.

There is also a special grinding method: the coating requirements are marked as “light grinding”, for example, after sealing the paint, after partial repair, etc. At this time, fine sandpaper and skilled hands should be used. On the contrary, it will be counterproductive.

The role of grinding:

(1) For substrates that remove burrs, oily dirt, etc. from the surface of the substrate

(2) As for the surface of the hand-scraped blade, the surface is generally rough, and it is necessary to obtain a flat surface by sanding, so that the surface roughness of the workpiece can be reduced by grinding.

(3) enhance the adhesion of the coating. Before the new paint film is sprayed, it is generally required to polish the old paint film after the paint is dry, because the paint has poor adhesion on the excessively smooth surface, and the mechanical adhesion of the paint can be enhanced after grinding.

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