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How to operate water transfer printing technology

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Many people know that the water transfer of the palm is the use of water pressure and activator to dissolve and transfer the release layer on the water transfer carrier film!

Basic process

1, the printing of the film: printed on the polymer film with a variety of different patterns;

2, spray primer: Many materials must be coated with a layer of adhesive, such as metal, ceramic, etc., if you want to transfer different patterns, you must use a different background color, such as the basic use of wood brown, brown, khaki, etc. Basic use of white stone pattern;

3. Membrane extension: Let the membrane lie flat on the surface of the water, and wait for the membrane to stretch out.

4, activation: a special solvent (activator) to transfer the pattern of the transfer film into the ink state;

5. Transfer: Use water pressure to print the activated pattern on the printed material;

6. Washing: Wash the impurities remaining in the printed workpiece;

7, drying: The workpiece will be printed and dried, the temperature depends on the prime and melting point of the material;

8. Spray paint: spray transparent protective paint to protect the surface of the printed object;

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