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How to drill deep hole on prototype, models.

- Jun 06, 2018 -

There are 3 methods for deep hole machining in the Chinese Shouban model: 3 methods for deep hole machining of the Shouban model factory: (1) Deep hole drilling with a stocker; (2) Machining with a long handle twist drill on a general machine tool; (3) The use of deep hole drilling in special deep hole drilling machine processing.

1, sets of material processing deep hole. Deep hole with larger diameter (usually larger than 50mm) should be selected with nesting knife. This method reduces the cutting load, then advances the yield and reduces material consumption. The nesting knife used, when the diameter is smaller, chooses the overall welding type. When the diameter is larger, the device type or adjustable type can be used. The tool should be equipped with wear-resisting inserts for guiding, the material of which can be bakelite, hard alloy, rolling bearing, etc. The chip plan should also consider chipping and chip breaking. It is also suitable for mass production.

2. The long handle twist drill is processed on the general machine tool. Long-handled twist drills are welded long handles on general twist drills. Because of the large axial force during drilling, the symmetry of the two edges of the drill is not easy to grind, the quality of the drill bit is not easy to guarantee, and the rigidity of the cutter bar is poor, so the vibration easily occurs during processing. The middle line of the hole is prone to deflection because of the drill bit. The chip space is limited. In order to remove chips and cool the tool, it is necessary to withdraw the drill bit after machining a length (usually 5 to 10 mm). For spindles with long shaft bores, drill holes from both ends. Therefore, this deep-hole processing method has poor quality, low yield, and high labor intensity. However, since its tool is simple in manufacturing and can use general-purpose equipment, it is used more in single-piece production.

3, choose the deep hole drilling in special deep hole drilling machine processing. The use of deep-hole drilling for deep hole processing better handled the problems of tool misalignment, tool cooling and chip-breaking in deep-hole machining, and significantly improved the processing quality and productivity. Machinable to 10 to 30 deep holes. Deep-hole machine tools, special deep-hole drilling machine can be selected, but also can be modified on the general lathe!

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