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flying robots prototypes made for DJ enterprise.

- Jul 25, 2017 -

DJ is one of the biggest flying robots companies in China. We helped them with making series of fying robots.

For making a fyling robot, prototype, we used the technology of CNC milling, EDM, and silicone molding.

Prototyping is the practice of building models of new products or revisions of existing products prior to final approval and full-scale production.

This process allows designers and developers to assess their designs, identify faults or omissions, and demonstrate the concept to any interested parties. Understandably prototyping is a critical part of any design process, often returning considerable time and budget savings.


Rapid prototyping is a family of additive production processes used to assemble prototype models. All of these processes are automated and executed by machinery that is controlled by computers reading data from computer aided design (CAD) models of the prototype.

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