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Difference between CNC and SLA rapid prototype solutions.

- Jun 06, 2018 -

CNC is Computer numerical control: computer numerical control, abbreviated as CNC, foreign generally known as CNC, rarely use the concept of NC. Numerical Control Machine Tools (CNC) is a machine tool equipped with a computer numerical control system, abbreviated as CNC machine tool.


SLA is the abbreviation for "Stereo lithography Appearance", namely stereolithography.


The CNC and SLA machining processes are compared as follows:


CNC process features:


1. It needs to be programmed according to the part data. For the parts with complex structure, the parts must be split and processed, and then bonding and assembly should be performed after the processing is completed;


2. The fixture needs to be designed and used during processing. For large-size, complex structures of split parts, in order to ensure the accuracy of splicing, we must also consider the design of special inspection tools;


3. The materials use real materials and can be directly processed by ABS, acrylic, PP and even metal materials. The comprehensive mechanical properties of the material are higher than those of the SLA process.


SLA process (3D printing) features:


1. The process has high flexibility and can complete the production of parts with very complex structures at one time, and its production cost and production speed are basically irrelevant to the complexity of the parts;


2. The production speed is quick. In the processing specification range of the equipment, parallel processing of several parts can be made at the same time, and it takes only a few hours to a dozen hours to complete the data acquisition to the completion of the parts.


3. CAD/CAM seamless connection, CAD data can be directly machined and produced, without data programming and part split;


4. It is not necessary to consider the design and use of the fixture during the processing of the part;


5. The resin material used is slightly less mechanically tough and can reach ABS grades, but it cannot fully meet the performance of real materials.

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