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Control the cost for develop a new product.

- Jun 07, 2018 -

If a product is to be listed, it requires a long period of pre-development to optimize new products so that it can be recognized by consumers in the market. In the development of new products, one of the steps is to do hand boards and hand boards to determine the success of the products. The development of a product can guarantee profits. Therefore, when the new product is validated on the structure, it is necessary to find a powerful hand board manufacturer.

PVC Dripping Molding 1.jpg

For example, in the automotive industry, the production of cars requires tens of thousands of molds. The cost of these molds is very expensive. Before the molds are produced, it is necessary to make a car's hand to test whether the design of the car is reasonable, or to detect whether the car produced in the future is flawed. Such customers generally cannot easily open the mold. Redesign. Hand-held samples, therefore, whether the quality of the hand board is qualified will also affect the customer's consideration of later-stage mold-opening.

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Good quality hand boards are usually in Shenzhen. Hand-made techniques were introduced earlier in Hong Kong and Taiwan, so they are also quite mature. Many customers in other regions are doing hand boards. Only the economic conditions can choose the manufacturers in Shenzhen. Although the prices are slightly higher, the quality is still guaranteed.

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Our company is engaged in hand board production for 17 years. With 55 large-scale CNC machining centers, the machining accuracy can reach 0.05mm. When making new products, the hand board is more accurate. If you want to find a strong handmade wood factory in Shenzhen to make a hand board, consider our company.

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