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Commonly used materials for making models.

- Jun 13, 2018 -

With the development of industrial society and the continuous improvement of living standards, people's demand for life products and the desire for innovation are also growing. Then there are processing companies, mainly to meet with the development of science and technology, people are increasingly creating new products came into being, to serve those companies in different areas such as design, development, manufacturing, for them to develop new products or improved Existing products, as well as designing new products, give full support and support in sample making and model making, creating mutual value and achieving a win-win situation.

Each company's products are not the same, and the model of the hand that needs to be produced is also different. Therefore, the production materials may also be different, but the main processing materials include the following:

(1) ABS: It has good electroplating and is the best in all plastics. The material is light yellow and opaque. The surface of the product is good. It is widely used in the general product housing and has good weld strength. It can be applied to surface metallization projects, such as water electroplating, vacuum evaporation plating, and the material specifications are plate, round bar and so on.

(2) PMMA: Acrylic, or Plexiglass. It is a good transparent part. The material that produces the best transparency can be dyed, electroplated, sprayed, and screen printed. The strength of welding is acceptable, but brittle and brittle is its weak point, and it is not suitable for the use of weak points such as hooks.

(3) PP: Translucent material, excellent impact resistance, excellent flexibility, can be applied to the strict production requirements of impact conditions, such as: automotive supplies, folded box and so on.

cream ABS.jpg

(4) PC: Material with excellent strength, toughness, and transparency is suitable for Lens and fine structure parts. The addition of glass fiber to improve the rigidity and heat resistance of the plate can be used to make parts that need to maintain high rigidity in high temperature environments.

(5) POM: Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a milky, shiny plastic. It has comprehensive mechanical properties, high hardness rigidity, good impact resistance and excellent wear resistance and self-lubrication.

Nylon cream and black.png

Good resistance to organic solvents and stable performance. After molding, the size is relatively stable and less affected by the temperature environment.

(6) Aluminum alloy: light weight, good strength, consumer 3C like to use materials. Aluminum alloys are easy to process and have a high degree of heat dissipation. In particular, the engine part of the vehicle is particularly suitable for the use of aluminum alloy materials.

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