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Anodizing-----Surface finishing, Surface treatment on prototype. (3)

- Jun 06, 2018 -

During the whole process of hand-slab processing, most of the hand-made plates undergo surface treatment through appropriate processing methods (CNC or 3D printing). The purpose of the surface treatment is to satisfy corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, decorativeness or other SP requirements. The product features a full range of functions and there are dozens of processing techniques for the prototyping processing. As a large-scale hand-saw factory, RMT PRODUCTS CO., LTD can provide most of the surface processing requirements for manual processing, and has a standardized production process. Next, it introduces the surface treatment technologies commonly used in manual processing.


Oxidation of metals is a protective oxide film that is formed on the metal surface with oxygen or an oxidant to prevent metal corrosion, which is divided into chemical oxidation and electrochemical oxidation (anodic oxidation).

(1) The oxide film prepared by chemical oxidation method is thin and has a thickness of 0.3-4UM, good porosity, strong adsorption capacity, soft and wearable, good electrical conductivity, suitable for shielding requirements, with various colors and good adsorption capacity. Can be painted on various colors of the surface, can be sprayed on the surface to improve the corrosion resistance and decorative aluminum products.


(2) The anodized oxide film is thick, the thickness is generally 5~20m, the thickness of hard anodic oxide film is up to 60-2500μm, the hardness is high, the wear resistance is good, the chemical stability is good, the corrosion resistance is good, adsorption ABIL. Good performance, good insulation, heat insulation and heat resistance, can use a variety of colors.

     Aluminum and aluminum alloys have been chemically treated, especially after anodizing, and have been widely used in aerospace, electric power, electronics, machinery manufacturing, light industry and other industries. The surface oxide film has good protection and decoration.  

sand blasting and clear anodize (2).JPG

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