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3D modeling

- May 29, 2018 -

 3D: Short for 3DS max, 3DS max is the most famous 3D animation software in the world. He is almost perfect in 3D modeling, animation and rendering, and can fully meet readers' needs for producing high-quality renderings, animations and games. The requirements of other works. Is a three-dimensional graphics. Display 3d in the computer, that is to display three-dimensional graphics in the plane. Unlike the real world, the real three-dimensional space has a real distance space. The computer looks just like the real world, so the 3D graphics displayed on the computer are what people see as real. The human eye has a characteristic that is close to big and small, it will form a three-dimensional. The computer screen is flat and two-dimensional. We can appreciate the three-dimensional image as it is like a real object. This is because the difference in color shades displayed on a computer screen causes the human eye to have a visual illusion, and the two-dimensional computer will be The screen is perceived as a three-dimensional image. Based on the knowledge of color science, the protruding part of the edge of the three-dimensional object generally shows a high-brightness color, and the recessed part shows a dark color due to the blockage by the light. This understanding is widely used to draw buttons, 3d lines in web pages or other applications. For example, to draw a 3D text, that is, display a high-brightness color in the original position, and outline the contour with a low-brightness color at a position such as the bottom left or the top right, so that a 3D text effect is generated visually. In the specific implementation, 2D texts of two different colors can be drawn at different positions in exactly the same font. As long as the coordinates of the two texts are appropriate, 3D texts with different effects can be visually generated.3D modeling.jpg

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